Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make Up

We're women and we buy it all: concealer, mascara, eye shadow, eye pencils, eye liner, eye zing, blush, rouge, lipstick, lipgloss, lip liner, chapstick, and foundation. Vanity Fair suggests that the American consumers spend upwards of $17 billion annually. And most of it goes to waste. According to fellow blogger Fabulously Broke, the average American woman owns: 
    • 7 Lipsticks but use only 2.6 of them on rotation
    • 12 Eyeshadows but only use 5 of them on rotation <– the biggest category!
    • 2-3 Mascaras but only uses 1 daily
    • 3 forms of blush in various shades but only uses 1 daily
    • 2 foundations and they use one or both daily
I, too, am guilty of the shop-and-drop relationship with makeup. In my makeup box, there are:
    • 1 Lipstick
    • 58 Shades of Eyeshadow (17 different cases)
    • 5 Mascaras
    • 3 Blushes
    • 3 Foundations
    • Concealer
    • 4 Eye Pencils
    • 1 Liquid Liner
    • 1 Bronzer
At some point or another I have used all of these accessories, but I regularly use: 
    • Burt's Bees Chapstick
    • 5 or 6 Shades of Eyeshadow
    • 2 Mascaras
    • 2 Blushes OR Bronzer
    • 1 Eye Pencil
What in the world have we come to, and, more importantly, how the hell did we get here? How did we, as American women, become so dependent on cosmetic touch-ups to make us feel beautiful and desirable. And why is it that, when I look in there mirror and see the paleness of my face, the droopy exhaustion in my tired, un-made-up eyes, and the summer's fading freckles all I can think is: Holy Hell who is this chick?

My next series of blogs will be on the history of make-up and our current dependence on the stuff. Be prepared!

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