Thursday, August 27, 2015

For Yagis With Chalk On His Hands: a Sestina (Part of the "Teaching" Chronicles)

Everything has turned to blue.
The dust has covered the surface,
Like fairy powder, it is soft,
But it taints the air and colors the wind,
And since you smeared it on your own hand,
I'm sorry, but you cannot wash it off.

The blue from your hand has smeared the table's surface.
I know it will come off
With a strong gust of wind
Or the brush of something soft.
Perhaps as hand,
If it is not blue.

You may throw your breath on the wind -
Say it loud, whisper soft -
I can see your hand.
I can see that it is undeniably blue.
But, child, it is just on the surface.
You got it on there, and you will get it off.

But not now. Now the surface is stained blue.
Thank you for showing us how chalk can color your small, soft hand,
Hold your hand to the wind. You're not washing it off.

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