Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Swimsuit Edition
What is it about swimsuit season that sends every woman running for the gym with a light yogurt glued to her hand, like that's the only thing she's going to eat between late March and the first time she sits on a beach in late May? Oh, yeah, I guess that overwhelming fear of deviating from a perceived normality and the (sometimes) unspoken notion that if your thighs touch, your belly rolls, or your arms jiggle, you are not "beach worthy" or "swimsuit ready." To hell with that! This might be the first year I invest in a bikini and add some color to my otherwise translucent stomach. Swimsuit ready? Got a swimsuit? Got a body to put in the swimsuit? Swimsuit ready! Anyway, here are some pictures of all sorts of beautiful people in swimsuits. Real swimsuits. Not "modest swimsuits" like the one pictured on the left.