Saturday, July 6, 2013

Juicy: We Owe Yourself

The tee shirts here are really priceless. I'd like to send a message to all Chinese people that English-speaking people don't normally wear shirts that say any of the following:

Juicy: We Owe Yourself
Deeply Loves the Live
I Blow a Long Time
Sunshine Sun Girl
                                                         or anything with made up French words

But here's my segue, because this blog is actually about work: My students don't wear these ridiculous
tee shirts. Excepting for a very small handful of students who make me feel like I'm back in special education, in that I'm constantly prompting, pulling, and otherwise prying for information, most of my students are really energetic, motivated people who make the three hours I have them in class wiz by. Most of them are anxious to tell me things about Qinhuangdao, to offer advice, or to tell me what I should eat. When I told Louise that I don't eat pork and that's been a challenge because the streets in QHD are practically paved in it, she looked really confused and said, "You have a special diet," like it was an anomaly. Then, just like in My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding she said, "You eat lamb?"

Next week I have a new boy who as of yet does not have an English name. My schedule in fact reads "New Boy." I asked Helen jokingly if that was his name and she sort of frowned. She might think I'm a bit daft. She informed me that he didn't have an English name and that we would have to give him one. The names at Ao Jia run the gamut from totally normal - Lucy, Louise, Martin, Mark, Cindy, Diana - to  kind of out there - Lambert, Ran, Romy - to downright weird - Victory. (Victory is Jake's student, which I regret because I don't get to shout, "Victory is mine!" whenever he has class.) Here are my current top choices:


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