Friday, July 8, 2011


After reading NateSean's blog about potential iPhone applications, I too decided to put my ideas into a hub. I've been bouncing these ideas of off friends of mine for several months now and, had I any technological prowess, I might actually be inclined to create some of my apps. 
Big Brother-esque people searching isn't just for the government anymore. With iCreep you can pinpoint the exact locations of friends, enemies, or people you want to stalk, so long as they are on your same network. iCreep comes equipped with GPS for ease of searching.

Sometimes your iPhone is your best defense. Don't get caught in a dark alley without it. At the push of a button, your all-around phone transforms into a taser gun, ready to stop any mugger or rapist in your way. Simply hold down the "tase" feature and watch your attacker crap drop to the ground and wet him/herself.

Don't ever be caught again in an embarrassing situation where you don't know your Yiddish! iSchmear translates English into Yiddish words and can search appropriate words for your conversation. With your microphone, iSchmear can actually follow your conversation and predict what you will need to say.

Elvis isn't dead and you can prove it with this handy app! iSpy uses state of the art technology to search for individuals with similar features to the presumed-dead King of rock 'n' roll. iSpy finds the individual, photographs him/her, and automatically photoshops the image to strengthen your argument. For an extra fee, you can upgrade to iSpy2.0 which finds people who resemble Elvis, Jonathan Brandis, Tupac Shakur, Jim Morrison, Andy Kaufman, Amelia Earhart, and Keith Richards. Best of all, iSpy2.0 digitally compensates for aging!

Isn't it amazing how everything President Obama says he speaks with such an inspiring and smooth tone? Thanks to new technology, everything you say can have that same appeal. "Let's go to Chili's," can now have the same inspirational ring our President gives it thanks to iBama which takes your voice recordings, word processings, and text messages and translates them into ObamaSpeak.

A simple app for a simple necessity: laughter. Never make a joke that nobody laughs at again. Simply turn on iLaughLikeHell and have hundreds of soundtracked laughers laughing at your jokes.

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