Friday, August 26, 2011

Rogue Panda Rampage Strikes Northern AZ?

"Panda-monium" struck northern Arizona drivers Monday as a driver alert message board warned motorists of "Rogue Panda on Rampage."

Law enforcement officials assure the public that this is not a case of a rogue panda, but rather a rogue hacker. Officials assume that the hacker installed the message sometime late Sunday night, and concede that the hacker must have been terribly intelligent to know how to break in and change the message.

Says Arizona Department of Public Transportation spokeswoman, Mackenzie Kirby, of the hacking, "It's not easy."

Kirby says she has been sent several photoshopped images via email of pandas tooled up for trouble.
In one picture, a panda is holding a machete. In another, it is toting a rifle.


  1. It's really not that difficult to do. they have instructions online. I came across them one time while using and made it a point to favorite that site so that I may too mess with one of those signs one day. :)

  2. Remember when we messed around with Wikipedia and changed all sorts of information to be about unicorns and then we got a warning notice?