Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salvation Army Takes Stance Against Pornography

Disclaimer:  I do not in any way support the sexual trafficking of children or the promotion of child pornography. I do, however, support any adult's sexually healthy lifestyle with other CONSENTING ADULTS.
It's not a secret that the Salvation Army is a Christian-based organization that values "Christian" views. Among other things, it is anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-sex before marriage, anti-euthanizing, yet touts itself as pro-human equality. According to their website, this thrift store is also anti-pornography.

WRAP: White Ribbon Against Pornography
On their website, the organization offers support for those who watch pornography, whom the Salvation Army labels as sexual addicts. If you or a man you love - because according to the Salvation Army, only men watch pornography - watches pornography, consider investing in a white ribbon to express your solidarity against pornography; reading anti-pornography books (in English or in Spanish); show them the Male Code of Conduct (in English, Korean, Spanish, or Dutch), which offers some worthwhile thoughts on the treatment of women and children; or show that man the anti-pornography PSA, "She Has a Name" ( "She Has a Name" is a touching minute-long PSA in which a father, against considerable odds, rejects a "barely legal" porn advertisement by DELETING THE SEARCH ENGINE, all in the name of "protecting daddy's girl," which, unfortunately, sounds like the name of a bad porn movie.

Featured men on Salvation Army's website who
apparently abide by the man's code of conduct.
It seems to me that maybe the Army hasn't veered off in a totally misguided direction. They are, in effect, attempting to protect children who have become a part of the sex business. That is a worthwhile cause. However, even the PSA admits that 32 million porn sites are visited EVERY MONTH.  That's over a million visits per day, and doesn't include anyone who has invested in DVDs or has downloaded from the internet and continues to watch the downloaded material. In that sense, I do think that the Army has missed the mark on the real problem here. But, as their motto says, they are "doing the most good," whatever that means.


  1. Arrg. I want to like the Salvation Army. I really do. But then they do bizarre things like this. I always feel I owe them a slight bit of loyalty, because they saved my grandmother's life when she was a teenager and she'd asked me to always do my best to support them...but yikes. Just yikes.