Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Self-Important Blog

We've had photocopiers with built-in staplers since the mid-1980s. I work at a school where students - well, parents - pay 30,000 TRY to attend. Why must I spend my prep block stapling multi-page photocopies?

Last year, about once a week I forgot to push the "staple" option on my photocopies, and I pawned
off the unsavory task of sorting and stapling to unlucky students in lunch detention or over-eager students who thought any job was a reward. Congratulations! You get to click this piece of plastic together!

This year, no such luck in the pawning off department. Every 2-3 weeks I spend between 30 and 40 minutes sorting and stapling up to 150 packets, exams, or worksheets because, evidently, TED can't be
 bothered to invest in a photocopier with a stapler. Apart from combination printer/scanner/copiers, I was unaware you still had the possibility to opt out of a stapler. No, thanks, I'll choose the way where I have to do a banal task that takes me away from other important things I could be doing. Make sure to put a lot of those tie wraps on just slightly too tight so I can wedge scissors in there and I can spend at least a half an hour frustratingly trying to force it open.

This adage that the Director of Operations at Veritas pours through my head every time I'm sitting in my chair, trying not to slouch into a spineless nothingness as I staple: "If it doesn't directly benefit the students, it's not worth your time." So, things like cleaning the board, stapling, and removing all th
e tacks from bulletin boards - things that indirectly affect students - were assigned to students, who, like indentured servants, didn't really have an option. All this so we could go on doing actually important things like planning a curriculum, grading essays, and making that little T-Rex jump over cacti when the internet was down.

Now, honestly, I feel slightly offended when I have to staple things, which makes me feel slightly imperialistic and consequently somewhat disturbed. I want to clarify: I am not "too good" to staple. It is, however, an  utter waste of my time. 

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