Sunday, December 6, 2015

PeeMan vs. Bobby

Most of you know that my classrooms this year lack...shall we say...structure. Most of the work I do during and outside of class has about a 40% completion rate, but this past week, I asked students to create their own superheroes and supervillains. This assignment bordered on 100% completion and actually gleaned some creativity. I've cleaned up some of the grammar for readability's sake, but I'd like to share with you what I now have to apparently do all year in order to get more students to write in English.


What are your superheroes powers?
- My superhero's powers are super strength, flying, spiderwebs to shoot, and all women's love power.
- He has got four arms and two brains, but in one head.

Origin Story: How did your superhero become a superhero?
- In a war, he ate a radioactive cherry. Normally, he is a big biter.
- When she was sleeping in her bed, a bird came and vomited a strange green slime.
-He did my homework.
-  Bill Jobs is an ordinary boy. He is about 16. His father is a famous economist who works on Wall Street His father's name is Steve Gates. One day, he accidentally fell into the biggest economic computer and turned into Business Man!
- He ate popcorn in a whale, then he became a superhero.

What does your superhero look like? 
-Like Emma Watson. No costume.
-Very good people. He always wears a wet suit. Ultra fish eyes.
-He has triceps. He hasn't got a costume.

Alterego: What is the personality of the regular person?
-She loves maths. She has got two friends. She is good at sports. She wants to be a very good newspaperest.

Appearance: What does your supervillain look like?
- He wears the Russian flag and a Putin mask.

What weaknesses does your superhero have?
-My superhero and Ege (the student who wrote this) are both in love with Emma Watson.
- LeCola
- Business Man is afraid of cheap things.

Who is your superhero's main enemy? Why are they enemies?
- His mom, his cat, and Antman.

What kind of weapons/tools/equipment does your supervillain have?
- His bottom, his penis, and his eyes.


What are your supervillain's powers?
-Lying, eating, speaking with unknown words. 

Origin Story: How did your supervillain become a supervillain?
- My supervillain is a robber and he stole the bank. 

What kind of weapons/tools/equipment does your supervillain have?
- She has very long nails. 
-Ketchup and mayonnaise. 

Who is your supervillain's main enemy? Why are they enemies?
-It's pizza. Because he doesn't like pizza.
- My supervillain's main enemies are the police and pink trinket users. 

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