Monday, February 1, 2016

One Day in Bratislava

Do not be fooled: Bratislava can be conquered (in the tourist sense of the word) in one day. Not Even two hours outside of Vienna and Bratislava is a world away from Vienna's ritzy, Baroque neighborhoods and is instead a pseudo-Bohemian daydream.

Greyish, yellowish buildings with red-orange roofs welcome you to Bratislava. The first stop is a short hike up some hills and Uneven stairs to Bratislava Castle, the city's primary castle, once owned by the Hapsburg and done up in Maria Theresa's typical style. Although we aid for a ticket in, I would suggest skipping That the entry price and simply wandering around the palace's façade is quite good enough. The interior is Mostly reconstruction from the 1950s Following a devastating fire and, as Opposed to showcasing the rooms and Remains of the castle, much of the castle is now a museum featuring art work, Bratislavian history, and war stories. One cool section Allows visitors to ascend into one of the castle's towers And Then descend to a basement holding St. Stephan's crown, but the whole ordeal takes about 15 minutes.

After the castle, enjoy the views of Bratislava; the unique roofs covered in winter's fog, before making your way to the old town, Which sits at the foot of Bratislava Castle. The Old Town is a maze of cobblestone streets, intimates clozes, and architecture you strain your neck to look at. The main areas of interest, referring to: Within are all about one square mile.

Wind your way in and out of the main square, taking in the kitschy souvenir shops, the beautiful statues, intricate carvings, and the occasional open church, Which lets you walk in, breathe in the Godliness seeping through the stained glass, and leave again free of charge.

Lunch is best done just outside the town center to save yourself a few euros. Be prepared for huge Portions and Cheap beer.

After lunch, continue your exploration of the town, this time heading outside of the town square closer to the river. Walk along the river and see the Opera House, the libraries, and the adorable little houses look like That They should be lining a canal in Amsterdam. If you care to (and if it's not closed), Devin Castle, just outside the main part of the city is Another popular stop.

As you make your way back into the main square, pass under St. Michael's gate, making sure to look up, down, and all around you. Although it's small, Bratislava is a feast for the eyes.

In the late afternoon, stop at a cafe - I suggest La Cocina - to have a coffee or an Aperol Spritz and get your energy back up with a delicious treat, like homemade cupcakes or an absolutely indescribable bar with a Buttery graham cracker crust, thick caramel, walnuts and salty.

As evening descends on Bratislava, enjoy the hues and the shadows cast by the Old Town and from the castle. Hop on your bus. You'll be back in Vienna soon. 

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